Darling Accounting keeps you up to date and prepares accurate records for you so you can run your business.

Rhonda Darling

Owner, Tax and Accounting

Brandy Rivers

Accounting Specialist

Yuliya Bykova

Accounting and Payroll

Rhonda has over 30 years in the Accounting and Tax field. She ran H&R Block locations and worked as a staff accountant in a mid sized firm for over 10 years. Our entire office does yearly continuing education to keep up with the new tax laws that can maximize your deductions.

Brandy has over 18 years in accounting and office management. You will often see her at your office working directly with your staff. She is also a tax professional and invaluable when its time to file your quarterlies. She oversees large payroll for our clients.

Yuliya is our newest staff accountant. She has been trained on the latest tax laws and is CTIC certified. She works on several client monthly and is a great project person for preparation for audits. Yuliya prepairs quarterlies and payrolls for many of our clients. She is also attending School.

Contact Information

Phone:  530-244-1504

Email:  rhonda@darlingaccounting.com

Address:  1824 Pine Street, Redding CA 96001

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